Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: Green Nails

Today is green nails! For this mani I used a base of Zoya Ivanka (which applies perfectly like all freakin' Zoya polishes). I then topped it with a Love & Beauty polish with green and silver hex glitter.

Sometimes I just need to leave a good thing alone. I like Ivanka with the glitter on top, but I like it better without. Plus, this glitter isn't my favorite. I didn't add a top coat to this mani because I knew I'd just be taking it off the next day and didn't want to make the glitter removal any harder for myself. But, the glitter kept snagging on everything because I had to place it in blobs, instead. And since I didn't have any SV on, it made the snagging worse. Ugh, it was miserable. I took this off the same night after I got my pictures. Hate it when that happens!

I can't wait to get to the exciting nail art days of this challenge! I've got some cute ideas up my sleeve. And there's not much to say about these single color posts... but I've got a Black & White mani that I'm pretty excited to show you guys!


  1. I just love the Ivanka green!!

  2. For some reason, I always think I have Ivanka. I need to get my hands on this polish. Love green!

  3. Very pretty combination. Looks beautiful on you!

  4. Very cute.. I do the same thing with manicures.... always add something (and that is usually glitter! lol) and then thing "Well, this would have still been beautiful if I had left it alone!"

  5. Very pretty combo!


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