Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17: Glitter (China Glaze Party Hearty vs. Snowman Christmas glitter) [pic heavy]

Hi guys! Today I have something fun for you for glitter day -- CHRISTMAS GLITTER!!!

And no, it is NOT too soon to start using Christmas glitter...they are starting Christmas sales and playing Christmas music at the mall I work at so :P

So...funny story. Mom picked up Party Hearty for me LAST year when the 2010 China Glaze holiday collection was out. So I had it with me at school, but didn't want to use it until closer to Christmas. So I go home for the holidays and lo and behold, I forget PH in my apartment at school. Sadness ensued since I never got to use it (it was unused until today!) and now I guess I'm making up for lost time. But I thought it would also be good to show you these two glitters in case you decide you want them for Christmas season :)

The snowman polish is one Mom's boyfriend picked up for me at a Rite-Aid in Boston (thanks Scott!). It it also quite festive and looks a bit similar to Party Hearty so I thought it'd be nice to show you guys a comparison :) Both of these polishes are layered over two coats of Zoya Purity.

Party hearty is red hex glitter, small green glitter and gold microglitter in a clear base. You have to kind of place it on the nail -- it doesn't spread out very evenly. Wait a bit between coats too or else you'll just move everything you put down with the first coat.

The snowman glitter (it has no name) is small round red and green glitter. It's much simpler than Party Hearty, but still pretty and festive :) Snowman polishes are made by the same company that made the Pumpkin polishes for Halloween. I know you can get them at Rite-Aid, and they might carry them at Meijer since they had the pumpkin polishes there, but I'm not sure. Let us know in the comments if you've seen them anywhere else!

Do you ladies have either of these polishes? Which do you prefer -- Party Hearty or the adorable snowman glitter? I think the snowman is so cute... but Party Hearty just makes me squee! It's Christmas in a bottle! I will be using this so much through December that I'm about 99% sure it will replace Fairy Dust for the time being. I'm sorry I abandoned you last year, Party Hearty...

...don't ever leave me. 'Cause I'd find you!!!


  1. I have the snowman one too! My mom got it for me along with a red one and I think they are sooo cute. Love your blog!

  2. *sigh* Wish I hadn't missed out on Party Hardy!! It's Christmas in a bottle!

  3. Thanks for the comparison! Now if only we could get those snowmen polishes in Canada!

  4. I love Party Hardy, but it won't stop me from going to get some of the little snow men!

  5. I love Party Hearty! I even have a back up. I wish I was able to find the Snowman one! :( It was picked out at the two Rite Aids near me.

  6. @Angie: You might be able to get PH online through an e-tailer. Have you tried that? You SHOULD!! :)

    Also, just a note -- if you guys are looking for snowman try Meijer! We've spotted them there too :)

  7. I bought Party Hearty after the holidays when it was on sale so I haven't had a chance to wear it until it was the holiday season again! I also just picked up the snowman one. They're both gorgeous!

  8. Jill: You will love it! Get your use out of it in the next month :)

  9. I love me some party hearty!


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