Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sinful Colors Let Me Go

I picked up this polish during one of Walgreens' .99 sale I think.  It looks so pretty in the bottle.  It's a bluish-purple duochrome.  I've tried to swatch this a couple times but haven't had very good luck.  Either it bubbles or I ding my mani and get mad and take it all off ;-)

Anyway here is my NOTD - this is the 2nd of my Sinful duochromes..  It's so pretty on the nail - a delicate bluish lavender shade.  But again, it loses some of the duochrome-y effect on the nail.  I still liked it :)

Here is a pic of the bottles from today's manicure and Tuesday's manicure side by side.

And here is my attempt at lace Konad tips.  I used Konad White Special Polish and plate M80.  Note to self - don't press too hard when transferring the design or you make big dents in your mani if it's not completely and totally dry.  Notice the pinky finger isn't pictured...  :-/

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  1. Love it! I have Bali Mist and You Just Wait and they are so pretty.


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