Tuesday, May 10, 2011

China Glaze Lubu Heels - Graduation Nails!

As you already know, Amanda graduated from college over the weekend.  She now possesses a BS in Journalism with a minor in Marketing.  So naturally we'll be putting that degree to good use!  I wanted my nails to match or compliment my dress (which was black with a white geometric print) but I don't like using black polish because it stains my nails so badly.  Since her school colors are red and white I finally decided on Lubu Heels - it's red glitter in a black base.  In shade or artificial light it looks mostly black but in sunlight the red glitter in it sparkles.  As with most China Glazes, application was great.

Then I stamped with one of my new Bundle Monster plates and Konad white special polish.  Sorry, the plate number is eluding me right now, I'll have to go back and find it later.  Here is the pattern of my dress...

And here is how my finished manicure turned out.  I am still having trouble getting good clean stamps across my entire nail because of the curved shape of my nails.  Either the tip has bare spots or the base has bare spots.  Anyone have tips for how to fix that?  Maybe stamping on a solid surface rather than holding my hands in the air.  I noticed the red glitter from the base color peeking out a couple times in the sunlight!

That's all for today, gonna be late for work!  Hope you all have a great day!


  1. I really like the stamp. It macthes the pattern of your dress nicely. Do you ever have a problem stamping your whole nail in one go as the surface space on the BM plates are smaller that the nail?

  2. The new BM full nail plates are larger and cover the nail better. However I do have issues with the curved shaped of my nails giving me bald spots. With some stamps I'm able to go back and patch the hole as long as it's not a symmetrical stamp - too hard to match those up!


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