Monday, May 9, 2011

Blue Wet n Wild Leopard

Now that I'm home from school, I have a lot of time to do fun manis and get good pictures! I actually got the mini set of the OPI Pirates collection yesterday, but for some reason I wanted to use an untried.

I dug into my stash and decided to use Wet 'n' Wild's Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. On my swatch wheel this one looks very sparkly and opaque, however it took me three coats just to get it to the opacity you see here. Even then you can still see some vnl. It IS pretty though -- it has a subtle holo effect but it was hard for me to capture it, so just trust me on this one. Here is three coats of Blue Wants to be a Millionaire:

I then pulled out my trust Konad plate (m57) and used the leopard print on it. I love this pattern - it's probably the one I use most when I decide to stamp. So I stamped over the blue with regular Sinful black polish (which works pretty well actually!). I then filled in some of the little leopard spots with various blue polishes -- Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, China Glaze First Mate and Wet 'n' Wild Rain Check. Here is the final product, which I'm really digging!

It's in your face, but whatever. I'm going to get my share of obnoxious manis before I get a big-girl job and can't anymore :(

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! It's finally pretty out here in Indy! :)


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  1. Love this color! I'm wearing it right now layered over opaque blues and it's so pretty!

    Btw, your blog is awesome! I'm going through your older posts right now and it's very inspiring!


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