Monday, May 23, 2011

A little too much even by my standards

Today I have for you one of those manicures where I looked at it when I finished and just thought to myself, "What was I thinking?!"

I used four coats. FOUR COATS!! of China Glaze Sun Worshipper. I knew that neons were streaky and difficult to use, but I guess I wasn't expecting this! I don't use them enough I suppose. Then I topped it off with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. Which has been sitting around out apartment for probably a good two months. Such a travesty... oh well, I finally put it to use :)

In these pictures it shows up much more yellow than it is in real life. On my hands it's about as neon orange as you can get. If it looked like it does in these pics I'd probably like it more...

The color is nice I suppose, but I think it's just WAY too bright for me. I'm all for in your face manis but they usually involve glitter or konad instead of neon colors. Maybe it doesn't work well with my skin tone? I'm not sure. I think I wanted to do something fun and summery to get the warm weather to come back? You win some, you lose some. This one will probably get taken off in about 5 hours... haha.

Have a wonderful day,

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