Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Spring 2011 Swatches

Today I have four of the new Sally Hansen spring colors for you. Ironic that it's the spring collection when spring is almost over. Who releases a spring collection towards the end of May? Seems a little counterproductive to me. But I digress. Mama finally picked these up at a local drugstore next to where she works, but since she has on an AWESOME manicure that she doesn't want to take off, I'm swatching them for you :)

First up, Barracuda:
A light baby blue creme. Application was a little difficult, probably because it's so light. This one was a little streaky for me...three coats.

Next, Malt:
Light brown, nude colored creme. This one looks similar to Finger Paints Blank Canvas Creme. Might have to compare them next week. This one applied better than Barracuda -- two coats.

Without A Stitch:
A light tan brownish color. A little lighter than Malt so it doesn't quite give me mannequin hands as bad as Malt does. Good application, two coats.

Last one we have for you is Strike A Pose.
I don't even know how to describe this one. It's an off white opalescent color I guess...that's the best I can do. Obviously this is WAY too sheer to wear on it's own (I think that picture above is three coats) so you'll have to layer it. Lucky for you I swatched it over the other three colors that we picked up...

Strike A Pose over Malt, Barracuda and Without a Stitch.

Editor's note - I picked up a couple more of this spring line and instead of a whole new post I've decided to tag onto the end of Amanda's post. 

This is Delphinium.  And it went on like an absolute dream.   As smooth as silk.  It's a dusty lavender color.

And this is Papparazzi.  It reminds me a lot of the color of the inside of a Oyster or Abalone shell.   It's a sort of greyish dusty off white.  It's quite sheer and needs 3 coats.  Sorry about the bubbles - right now it's about 85F in my house and the fan is blowing on my hands.  So either the breeze or the humidity is to blame :)

Editor's note:  I tried this polish again 6/8 using thin coats and extra dry time in between coats.  The bubbling problem was better but I still had issues. It's such a nice color I hate say it, but I just don't love it.  Also, I have to conclude from this - that as much as I adore Sally Hansen's application - this one is just a poor formula.

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