Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pure Ice Ombre

Ok, so the world didn't end.  I guess we will have to keep posting then.  :)  Amanda is off out of town visiting her b/f so I'm doing the post again today.

I'm a slow learner.  I keep plugging away at these Pure Ice polishes I bought.  The colors are so pretty but the formula just isn't good.  I let the coats on this mani dry a good 10 minutes in between and I still ended up with bubbles.  The dry time on this polish is just awful.  And it's not just limited to one color, it's pretty much every one I've ever used.  The coverage was good.  If you have the time to wait 15-20 minutes between coats you should be golden with this.
These colors happened to be lined up next to each other on my dresser this morning and as I glanced at them I thought - 'hey, those would make a pretty ombre mani.'  The colors are Magic (pinky), Fast Lane (ring),  Jaguar (middle) and Best Friend (index).  So pretteh!

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