Saturday, April 2, 2011

Studio M Slammin' Red and Purple Medallion

Amanda is still really sick so I'm going to go ahead and post on her usual posting day. Everyone send 'get well soon' vibes to Amanda!

I'm a big fan of Color Club and Studio M polishes and have been admiring these two in the bottle for a while now. I decided to post them together because they are very similar.

Slammin' Red is a raspberry colored polish with holographic glitter particles. It isn't really what I would consider 'red'. Purple medallion is a dark magenta colored polish with holographic glitter. It isn't what I would consider 'purple'. The bottle color stays pretty true on the nails - what you see is what you get.

The glitter is very dense and suspended in a jelly-type base so the formula is very thick. If you've ever used the Milani Rockstar Heavy Glitter polishes its almost identical to the consistency of those but the Studio M polishes boast a little more shine and don't absorb light quite as much as the Milani - thus they are more glitter-y.

They covered in one coat but I did a second just to even out the thin spots. Application is a little gloopy, patience is the key to good coverage. Dry time is a little slower than average but that's to be expected considering the saturation of the glitter.

Here is Slammin' Red

And here is Purple Medallion

And here they are side by side.

I'm a red lover so I expected to like the red one the most. Surprisingly, I actually slightly prefer the purple. The darker base shows off the holographic glitter a little better. What do you think?


  1. what a yummy colour


  2. i have the red one but havent' tried it yet


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