Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pure Ice Strapless - Earth Day Manicure

I'm posting my Earth Day manicure one day early because I plan on wearing pink tomorrow in support of J. Crew's ad.

So last night I got this idea about earth day and using my manicure to represent water and earth. So I started with one coat of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris. It's a fast dry one coat creme but it's a little runny. I had lots of pooling around my nail beds that I had to clean up.

Then I taped off just the tips of my nails and used one coat of Pure Ice Strapless over the base of my nail to represent water. The color is really unique - unlike anything else in my collection. It's a sort of cerulean glitter. Then after that was dry I freehanded the tips with Pure Ice Heart Breaker. Thanks to Erica for turning me on to this one. In the bottle it looks like a murky greenish blue and by itself its very very sheer. But layer it over a dark color and that's where it really shines - a sparkly forest green. Lovely! So here's the finished mani...

I did this manicure at 9:00 last night so all pictures are taken indoors in artificial light. I wish I could have captured it in daylight to show off the depth of the color and sparkle.

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