Friday, April 22, 2011

Sally Hansen Pink Blink and China Glaze Strawberry Fields

So today I'm wearing pink in support of the Jenna Lyons/J Crew media frenzy. If you don't know the story, she painted her 5 year old son's toenails neon pink and a picture of the two of them was used in an advertisement. Immediately she was attacked and allegations flew that the boy was going to grow up gay because she painted his toenails pink. Ridiculous. My son wanted his fingernails painted when he was about that age, its about fitting in with what mom and sister are doing - not a gender sexuality issue. Ok, so off my soapbox.

If you know me you know I'm a big Sally Hansen fan. The Complete Salon Manicure line are some of my favorite polishes. I just love the formula and how they apply. So I was excited to try my new SH Insta Dry in Pink Blink.


Words cannot express how disappointed I am with this polish. It's thick. It's gloopy. It went on streaky and it dries so fast that when I tried to smooth it out, I ended up with drag marks. It was a MESS. I used 3 coats of this to get it to look even remotely smooth. I should not have to use 3 coats of a fast dry polish. Then I had to use a coat of Gelous because it was still bumpy even after 3 coats. I finished with a coat of Poshe and I think it looks presentable, but I'll never use this polish for a full manicure again. It's getting relegated to the 'just for stamping' bin. I has a sad. :(

The daylight picture is most color accurate.

I wore this manicure plain then at the end of the day wanted to jazz it up a little bit, so I applied OPI Teenage Dream over the top. Sorry for the crappy picture - I left my camera at work and all I had was my iphone camera. Teenage Dream is one of my top 10 favorite polishes. Looking at it just makes me happy and I'm not even that much of a pink lover. I was considering doing a crackle french tip but at this point I have 8 coats of product on my nails (base coat, 3 coats of polish, gelous, poshe and 2 coats of TD) so I decided to leave them as is. I am SO gonna regret this when time comes to remove this mani. :)

EDIT: Hello friends! I wanted to add MY pink polish in support of Jenna Lyons to the end of this post. I had some leftover birthday money today so I stopped in Sally's and got 3 new China Glaze polishes (they were having a buy 2 get one free sale, so NATURALLY I had to buy some...). The ones I picked up are Strawberry Fields, Lemon Fizz, and Watermelon Rind. Didn't notice that they were all fruit names til I got home :P

Anyway, I LOVE this!!! I'm just so...mesmerized by it. It's a bright pink glass fleck with gold in it. So pretty.... *swoon* ... I might not even have to add any nail art to it! You know it's a winner if I leave it alone. Here is 2 coats of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields:

Isn't my perfume bottle cute? Boyfriend got me that for my birthday. The box whistles when you open it! :)



  1. Strawberry fields is a great color!

  2. I want Strawberry Fields SO BADLY, but I cannot find it anywhere anymore.

  3. and I wanted to comment.. I'd never heard of that issue.. I just read up a bit on it. It angers me that people can be so ignorant... And for those who REALLY believe boys can become gay from having their nails painted pink...well, don't paint your own kids nails then, but leave this mother alone. Its her business not theirs. >:-|

  4. Pixie - Have you tried looking on some of the online nail shops? I see that they have it here... and for only $3 nonetheless :)

  5. I know this is an old post, but Pink Blink was also the first Insta-Dri polish I bought. Mine was disgustingly thick too! Good thing I had a Target coupon for it, because it so isn't worth the money! But such a pretty color :[ I'm scared to buy any other ID polishes!


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