Thursday, October 20, 2011

Simple Halloween Gravestones

Hi all! Today I have a Halloween design I've been wanting to do for a while -- little Halloween gravestones!

I started with a base of Ulta Little Black Dress to represent a spooky night sky. LBD is a black polish with small silver glitter in it. Here is a swatch:

Next I painted the gravestones with OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts (the PERFECT gravestone color!). I just painted the gravestones straight with the polish brush. Paint like you would if you were doing a ruffian mani.

To make the gravestones look old and aged, I sponged a tiny bit of Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. I really like the way it made the gravestones look!

I used a small brush and black acrylic paint to draw on "RIP" on all of my nails.

Finish with some grass at the bottom (I used a green Sinful striper). Seal it with Seche Vite and voila! You're done :)

What do you ladies think of these simple gravestone nails? They were one of my most simple Halloween designs and they're at the top of my list! I guess intricate doesn't always mean better :)

Oh also, if you're arachnophobic, might want to turn away in 3...



I present to you, the rare Hoosier man-eating spider!

Happy almost weekend!


  1. Nice! Very suitable for halloween!

  2. Love this! And gross to the spider, I hate spiders!

  3. EWWWW EW EW EW. *shudders* Yucky spider!
    Your gravestones are perfect, I think adding that touch of Secret Admirer on them is great!

  4. I have seen a lot of Halloween manicures lately, but this is the first gravestone. The incorporation of the grass is my favorite part.

  5. These are too cute! I really like this very simple yet looks super nice, the grass gave it a little extra something! Loving this!

  6. Wow what a creative idea and pretty simple as far as nail art goes which I can appreciate!!

  7. Loving this manicure! The grass made it awesome!

  8. This mani looks amazing & that spider freaked me out. I sure as heck hope I never come across one that big.

  9. ah, i did this *exact* same thing last halloween!
    (i even bought a gray suede polish just for it lol)
    i was hoping to do it again and post it this year... but you beat me to it!

  10. Great manicure! I think I have my Halloween manicure picked out now!


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