Friday, October 14, 2011

BCA - Color Club Hot Like Lava & Fame and Fortune

Happy Friday everyone

Today's post consists of 2 of Color Club's new line - Hot Like Lava from the Foiled Collection and Fame & Fortune from the Backstage pass collection. 

Hot like lava is a vivid bright pink foil that applies like a dream.  The formula is great, it covers and levels extremely well and is similar to a creme in consistency.  You could use one coat if you so desired - I have used 2 here just to even out thin spots and for density of color.  Pretteh!

Layered over the top is Fame & Fortune from their Backstage Pass collection.  Fame & Fortune is a  mylar holographic flakie in a clear pink base.  The holographic particles really shine when they catch the light.  Typical of a mylar, there are issues with the little flakies poking up in spots and catching on hair, clothing, etc.  I actually ended up picking off the ones that were sticking up because it annoyed me so much.  But overall it's worth it because this polish is so pretty :)  I used 2 coats of Fame & Fortune - be sure to let it dry between coats so you're not just moving the particles around on your nail.  These pics are taken in my light box because it was early in the morning and the sun wasn't up yet so you can't see the full holographic effect of sunlight bouncing off the flakies! :(

Here is a stamping test for Hot Like Lava, applied over a white and black creme.  Coverage is a bit better over light colors.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


  1. I left a comment on someones blog about this fame and fortune. I had ordered artsy crafty a pretty green creme and they sent me fame and fortune! I just got my green one yesterday. Am not a fan of pink or glitter that catches on things!

  2. Fame and Fortune looks so awesome! As does Hot Like Lava....can't wait to wear it!

  3. This combo looks great together, but I know what you mean when the glitter sticks up - no fun!

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on both of these! Love the combo!

  5. I like this combo. It looks very pretty!

  6. I bought Fame and Fortune to give as a swap item! I wish I would have kept it now because it is awesome!

  7. how do you keep your nails long, and from breaking? especially painting your nails so often! I paint mine once a week and am afraid if I do it more often, theyll get so fragile on me.


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