Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoya Jem

Zoya is one of my all time favorite polish brands.  Their product is excellent quality and a pleasure to work with.  So I'm a little sad that I did have some minor application issues with this one. 

Zoya Jem is a chameleon - in the bottle a deep gemstone plum color with lots of sparkle and some gold flash.  On the nails in bright light it takes on a sparkly reddish eggplant color.  In low light appears more brown - almost a raisin. 

My bottle was a little on the thick side; which I think is why I had some issues with drag.  This polish is extremely well pigmented and you can get away with one coat (I did two just for density) but it doesn't like to be overworked, so load up your brush and keep your strokes to a minimum.  It dries fast to a glossy finish, but I used Revlon Quick Dry just for some added shine and protection.

It's a lovely vampy fall shade.  I had a bit of a mishap with my index finger and dinged it a little on the side.  As it was getting too late to redo the entire nail, I just thinned out the bump with a little acetone and reapplied.  I did end up with a little imperfection on the tip of the nail, tho it's not visible to the untrained eye :)

How freaking GORGEOUS is THAT?!?!? OMG it's EYEGASM in a BOTTLE!  Pic spam coming up!

How do you like Jem?  I'm a little reluctant to start wearing fall colors - I don't want summer to be over yet!

Here's a bit of a post script.  On Day 2, I added some gold stamping.  I used a BM filigree pattern and a Sally Hansen gold foil polish pen.  My stamping was - meh - but I did like how it came out.


  1. I love it, it looks nice on you! I need it now :)

  2. I hear ya! I have so many new fall colors but I don't want summer to be over yet! :)

  3. love this, I just got this with their last pormo...

  4. I got this the other day but have not worn it yet. It looks goregeous!

  5. I got this a few weeks ago, and I hated it the second I put it on my nails, but didn't change it right away. I had the same formula issues as you. A few days later, I was in a pool and the colors just sparkled under water - it was gorgeous. I ultimately ended up getting sick of looking at it and switched it for another color.

    Zoya is also one of my all-time faves, so I still love it, and maybe I'll wear it again. Maybe not. =]


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