Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Senorita Bonita + Daisy Nail Art that looks like fried eggs

Hello nail junkies!

I just received the entire China Glaze Island Escape collection for receiving runner up in StyledOn's nail art contest recently! Obviously I'm a little slow on the uptake of these seeing as how summer is almost over...but that won't stop me from wearing these in the middle of winter!

I did want to use one of them today since summer IS almost over though! I decided on Senorita Bonita... I obviously have a thing for purples.

This color is REALLY hard to capture. As you can see, I tried to edit the color in Photoshop (the first swatch is closest to what it really looks like) but it destroyed my skin tone.

Then I thought it'd be fun to say goodbye to summer with some little flowers! I did daisies (because the are easiest and I wasn't feeling well today) but.....I feel like they ended up looking like fried eggs...

Hahah. I ended up taking the flowers off and just repainting using SB because I just wasn't feeling them. But now I'm hungry...

Also, random question for you guys: What is your most difficult nail to paint? I ask because I always have such difficulties painting my thumb nail and it baffles me because it's the largest... I feel like it should be the easiest to make look good but I always struggle with getting polish on my skin and making the line at my cuticle even/look good! Maybe Probably it's just me though :)


  1. I have difficulty with doing my whole right hand since i'm right handed-myleft hand just can't seem to grasp ow to paint nails! These daisies aren't bad at all! I like them!

  2. I think this mani is cute!!

    I have trouble with my middle finger on my left hand. I have a big callus on the side of it (I use to write waaaaay too hard when I was a kid!! lol) and the nail is all cockeyed (ugg, its so ugly!!). That nail has always caused me problems!

  3. this mani looks great!
    I have trouble painting my little fingers, especially on right hand.

  4. I have difficulty doing my right hand in general because when I'm swatching, I only ever do my left to save time! It's crazy...even at an angle. I really like the daisies :)

  5. @ nail stories - really you only swatch on one hand? I use both - it takes half the time!!

  6. Senorita Bonita is beautiful! And I think the daisies look fine. I have trouble with my thumbs, too! I think it is because you only have two thumbs and the angle you hold them is different then the rest of your fingers, at least is for me anyways.

  7. Yep, right hand here too! SB is a gorgeous purple, and I like your daisies!

  8. I don't think they look like fried eggs. I think maybe it was the yellow looking so close to the yolk color LOL

  9. I see why they remind you of eggs, but I see the flowers mainly =)

    I have a hard time doing my pointer finger on both hands because it has a weird shape :p

  10. i cant do my right hand AT ALL!!!!! seriously, for ANY nail art, i have to use those crappy KISS Nail Art Stencils so both hands look the same-ish....but the always thinking of locking myself in my room all summer so i can get it right...... :)


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