Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sinful Colors Easy Going

Sinful Colors Easy Going is part of their Adventure Island collection.  When I picked it up, I thought it was a pretty shade of light, pale pink; but when I got it on my nails - OMG Wow.  I loved this shade of pink!  It's the palest softest pink I've ever seen - it looks almost white in some lights.  I thought it might be a dupe for OPI Play the Peonies but PtP has a bit of a shimmer in it, whereas Easy Going is a creme.  It also reminds me a lot of the pink in Nubar's Spring collection.   So soft.  So girly.  So fresh and clean.  This has become one of my favorite pink shades EVAH, I am loving it so much!

SC are hit or miss with formula but this one was very smooth, well pigmented (this is two coats) and dry time was, unfortunately, longer than average.  I have found that if I don't let SC dry thoroughly between coats, I always end up with bubbles.  I actually had some bubbling with this that the top coat mostly obscures, but you might still be able to see it in enlarged pictures.

It's like cotton candy on my nails NOM NOM NOM!

How do you like this shade?  Would you buy it?  Happy Pink Wednesday!


  1. I own this one too and love it! I enjoy the fact that it doesn't deepen in color as it dries. I've found that a lot of very pale pinks tend to darken a bit and then look brighter/bolder than in the bottle. This one retained that soft look.

  2. I don't own anything like this!

  3. I really like this shade, it looks stunning on you. I wish SC was available here!

  4. Wow, I just used this color on my nails and it turned out horrible! The formula was crap. That is weird. But, I do love the color. Maybe I will try again soon and make sure to let the coats completely dry...I don't think I did that and it was REALLY streaky.

  5. @Sarah - my suggestions are don't use too thick a coat. Keep your brush strokes to a minimum - it will drag if you overwork it. And let it dry well (10 minutes or so) between coats

  6. I love this color looks so pretty on you I also have it!

  7. i just bought this polish and I agree it's very pretty. Like you said, fresh and clean. I would imagine it being a good base for some nail art, too!


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