Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cute Ladybug Nails

Hi all! I'm back from my trip to Michigan! It was a lot of fun -- me and my best friends from home went to visit our other best friend from high school. She goes to college in Florida but her family moved to Michigan. It was a good time (minus the 50 mosquito bites I got from sitting out on the lake), but it's rough saying goodbye to friends you only see once every few years.

Today I have some cute ladybug nails to show you. I was inspired by this ladybug design by Robin Moses, but I wanted to keep it simple and do regular red ladybugs!

I started with three coats of OPI What's With the Catitude:

Then I used red and black acrylic paint to make the little ladybugs. Cute right?! And totally simple!!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who voted for my entry in the StyledOn contest. I got runner up and I'm so excited! So a great big THANK YOU FOLLOWERS!! I love you!!

Don't forget! Four days left to enter our giveaway!!

Have a good weekend,



  1. that's so cuteee!!! Amazing manicure, great job!

  2. The ladybirds are way to cute!

  3. Super cute! I might actually be able to do this one, I might try it!

  4. So cute! You are very talented!

  5. This is really cute. I always have trouble working with acrylic paint, I need to some practice :-)


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