Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orly Sweet Peacock

Sweet Peacock is a lovely vibrant aqua shade that is part of the Birds of a Feather fall line.  Pigmentation is good and it covers well in one coat.  You might want to use two to even it out though.  Dry time is good and this color really is beautiful.  It dries to what I'd call a semi foil or frost type finish.

Here's what I didn't like tho.  This polish is gritty.  If you enlarge the pictures (you may not even have to enlarge them) you'll see all the little bumpies.  I'm guessing it's supposed to be that way?  I don't even know if the finish would look smooth with a thick topcoat.

Is it a deal breaker?  Nope - I can live with a little grittiness because the color is so spectacular.  You be the judge - what do you think?

Magical, colorful.. Mr Mystery!


  1. I keep seeing this polish on promo for the collection and thinking "oh it looks so pretty but I'll skip this color" I don't think I can now!! It's so blue and shiny.

    Does it have a foil type finish to it?

  2. I recently bought this color myself. It's a great blue.

  3. @ Krissy - yes it has a foil type finish. Sort of metallic looking.

  4. I just got this in the mail today! it is definitely gorgeous!

  5. I hope I can find this one!! I passed on this one when I got Fowl Play, but when I went into Ulta yesterday, there were sold out!! I need this one!


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