Wednesday, August 17, 2011

China Glaze - Royal Tease

Hello ladies!

Today I have a swatch of China Glaze Royal Tease. I'm not sure if this is from a particular collection or not -- I got it from an e-tailer last summer when I first started getting into nail polish. This is one of my first China Glazes. Ahhh, the nostalgia.

Royal Tease is a frosty purple color. This is one of those shades I can't decide on whether I like or not. I like the color....but it's so....frosty....and application on this SUCKED. This was three coats. The formula was so runny and kept seeping into my cuticles. Also the brush strokes on this thing are crazy (you can see in the next couple pictures).


I suppose the color is pretty enough, but the application of this really turned me off. It was pretty frustrating to deal with. I've never really seen any other swatches of reviews of this color though so I don't know if this is the norm or not.

Royal Tease....more like royal pain in the ass. What do you all think?

Take care,



  1. I actually quite like this colour but it's a shame about the formula and application!

  2. pretty! i'm with you, i had frosty finishes because of the brush strokes

  3. I'm a sucker for the purple polishes I actually can't believe I don't own this seeing I buy every purple China Glaze has lol. This color reminds me of Coconut Kiss a little, but Royal Tease seems more frosty.

    It is very pretty on you though.

  4. Yup! I actually came across this post through a Google search cause I wanted to see if I was losing my mind, or this polish was really as much of a nightmare to apply as I thought. I'm also not 100% crazy about the color, which is a bit too ... childishly grapey for me, if that makes any sense.


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