Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wearin' O' The Green

We decided to do a St. Patty's Day post for you all showcasing the greens in our combined collection. This is not all of them, but quite a few that we have collected.

Sinful Irish Green - This is the GREENEST green I have ever seen. It's a bright kelly green, and exactly the color I think of when I think of St. Patrick's Day. It's a sheer polish, and takes multiple coats to get it opaque. Even with 4 coats I could still see my nail tips. The picture isn't very color accurate - this is a very bright almost neon green.

Sinful Green Ocean over Irish Green - This is a thick glitter topcoat with flakes of green and blue in it. It went on really gloopy but I do like it.

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover - This green has just a touch of a blue/tealish hint to it. It was categorized with the greens at Sally's Beauty Supply but I'd refer to it more as a "greal". It goes on smooth, like all China Glaze lacquers.

Sally Hansen Grass Slipper - I think Sally Hansen is probably my favorite polish formula but; like many others, I'm not sure I like the brush. Grass Slipper is one of my favorites. It's an unusual shade of yellow green.

Zoya Tangy - This is a luscious bright light green shimmer that reminds me of a Honeydew Melon. I got this one in my 3 free promotion from Zoya. The formula is great, easy to apply and dries fast.

China Glaze Refresh Mint - This is the color I ended up using today for my full manicure. It's a yummy light mint green just the color of mint chocolate chip ice cream or spearmint chewing gum!

Zoya Ivanka - Pretty sparkly, glittery green. Application on this was a breeze -- I've never had any application problems with Zoya polishes.

Finger Paints Scenery Greenery - A dark, forest green. Application was decent, I seem to have problems with Finger Paints colors applying easily. But the color is nice. Sorry about the little oopsie clean-up on the middle finger.

Wet 'n' Wild Sage In The City - A light green shimmer. Application was nice. I like the brushes on these WnW polishes because they're big and easy for me to cover my whole nail with. I understand that some people don't like the wider brushes, though. Pretty, just not really my color.

Revlon Beach - This is one of Revlon's scented polishes. Why is it called beach? It doesn't smell like a beach. Actually it doesn't smell like much of anything recognizable... just stinks. I prefer the chemical smell of regular polish over this stuff. Anyway, this is a yellow-green shimmer color that I REALLY hate. I dunno if it's an ugly color, or if it just doesn't look good on me. But I DON'T like this.

China Glaze Entourage - A bright, shimmery green color.

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