Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sinful Boogie Nights

Hi! Today I have for you a Sinful color that I picked up a while ago, Boogie Nights. I LOVE this color, and these pictures really don't do it justice. It's definitely not this bright orange in real life. It's more of a pinkish orangish coral than a bright bright neon orange like it looks here. Definitely one of my favorite colors, and perfect for spring time.

I wanted to do something fun with this, but could NOT for the life of me come up with some cute nail art design to do on it. So I did what I always do when there are no creative juices flowing -- add glitter! I put two light coats of Revlon's Belle on top, which is just a silver glitter in a clear base with tiny glitters and bigger hex glitter as well. I also found these little stencils that came with a pack of nail gems I got at the dollar store. The gems aren't really the shapes/colors I use, and the stencils are really ambiguous as to what they are... but I thought I'd try them out. The original stencil design I was going to use actually ripped as I was pulling it off of its plastic sheet (guess that's what you get for $1 nail art supplies) so I resorted to this little butterfly instead. I used China Glaze For Audrey to fill in the butterfly.

That's all for today! Have a lovely day! It's raining here :(

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