Thursday, March 31, 2011

Omg omg omg omg

Why do I love this so much? Is it possible to have a nailgasm? Because I think I just did. This is Zoya - Faye. And I think my jaw just dropped. I LOVE THIS HOLY MOSES ASLKFJALSKFJ. It's pink...then it's mauve...then it's gold...and I think I'm in a trance. I don't even know how to describe's purpley/pinkish - gold duochrome glass-flakie goodness. Does that work?? I hope so, because it's the best I can do. Now if you can excuse me...I have to go admire this. I just fell in love....with a nail polish.


(If you couldn't tell, I received my polishes from Zoya's BOGO promo from this week. I'll have Sooki for you up soon :] )

What do you think??


  1. So glad I decided to order this one :) Its very unique!

  2. I LOVE the gold in it. this is so pretty!

  3. I have this and it's my fav. I got it from BOGO too. That and Sooki. Guess Amandas have the same taste!



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