Sunday, March 27, 2011

Klassicolor Red Sparkle

I frequently stalk my local Walgreens looking for new colors and limited editions and have gotten to know the staff there. Recently, I went in and was told by my go-to nail polish associate of a new brand of lacquer that a local salesman was trying to get them to market. She showed me the card with color swatches and a few samples - pretty colors, lots of variety. I snapped a couple quick photos of the bottles and came home to search online to see if I could find these polishes anywhere. I found a similar brand with a similar name - Kleancolor. The bottles are even similar. I don't know if these brands are associated or not. Actually I know very little about this lacquer other than it was a complimentary sample given to me for my review - so I cannot comment as to its ingredients (whether it's 3-free or cruelty-free).

So on to the review. This polish is a deep cherry red in the bottle with red and gold microglitter. It applied well and the consistency was smooth, not too thick. It was opaque in 2 coats. On the nail it appears to be a blood red jelly base with mostly red microglitter - can't really tell there is gold glitter in it. The surface dried slightly bumpy from the glitter. I think this would be easily fixed with a top coat (which I didn't apply because I only wanted to swatch it). The poilsh had an unusual smell - not significantly more offensive than most other polishes but slightly stronger. Overall I really liked this polish.

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  1. I love Kleancolor. I find them at my local BSS for 99 cents. I usually check out their photo stream for swatches:


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