Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Faded Tiger Stripe Nails

Hello all! Today I have something a little different from what I normally do. Before I say anything, let me just say that I did NOT come up with this design, it's straight from a video from BeenaBop's YouTube channel here. I LOVE her tutorials. They're all so pretty and I think her voice is so soothing and calming to listen to. With that being said, here we go...

This is very...funky and out there for me, but I really do love it. It was super easy to do as well -- that's the kind of nail art I like...something I can do easily with a not-so-steady hand.

I started off with my Nail Envy by OPI (which I LOVE by the way...just don't love the price) and then used two coats of Sinful's Gorgeous. Which is gorgeous. :)

Then I sponged China Glaze's Cheers To You over the top with an old makeup sponge. I really am not very good at the sponge technique, but it looks pretty nice this time ;)

Finally, I added the tiger stripes over the sponged silver with a nail art brush. I just used a cheap Kiss black striper polish, but it was really easy. All you do is drag the brush for a bit then flick it and it makes the pointy little tiger tip.

I really really love this a lot. Guess I better get in my funky nail art before I become a big girl with a big girl job, huh? What do you think of these? :)

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  1. This is so stunning! I'm definitely going to try it soon!

    "Guess I better get in my funky nail art before I become a big girl with a big girl job, huh?" Same for me! I have 1 year left of crazy manis before a real serious job =P


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