Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purple Bling-y Goodness!

Hi all! Today I have one of my most favoritest colors ever, Zoya - Jacy. I got this from Zoya's 3 free polish promotion during Christmas time and I love this SO MUCH!! It's a purpley-reddish-mauveish color with the tiniest bit of hidden shimmer to it. Have I mentioned how much I love Zoya polishes?! Well I do. I love them. So much. The formula is perfect as well as the brush and I hardly ever have to do any cleanup when I use Zoyas. I don't have many but I'm thinking I may need to expand my collection. I did order two yesterday since Zoya's having their BOGO promotion going on right now. I got Faye and Sooki...can't wait! Love the True Blood reference with that one ;)

Ok, I'm rambling, but here's the mani!

This is inside with a flash on. It's definitely not that pink in real life.

Ok, sorry for the pic spam, but GAH!! I just love it so much. I used OPI's Show It and Glow It for the accent finger, and I'm really liking this one bling-y, sparkly nail thing.

Enjoy! :)


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