Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio M Magic Attraction

I saw these polishes at my local Meijer. I'm not familiar with the brand so spent some time online trying to find information. The information I did find has not been validated, but apparently this is distributed by Forsythe Cosmetic group - the same company that makes Color Club. I can neither confirm or deny that allegation. The bottle says its exclusively distributed so I think that it exclusive to Meijer stores only (I are smart).

I started out with a base color of Finger Paints I Pink I Can. I like this color pink. I hate this polish. It's gloopy, streaky and dries with air bubbles in it. I don't know if its my bottle or all FP lacquers are like this. I only used it because I needed this particular shade of pink. This is the only semi-postable pic I got of this color because the others look so awful.

Now here's where the magic comes in. In the bottle this polish looks like a soft pink base with holo microglitter floating in it. Eye catching, but nothing that would make me say Wow. On the nail - all bets are off! It kinda reminds me of OPI Teenage Dream only the glitter is a little more dense and TD is in a pink base whereas MA is in a clear base. It applied and covered well, no problems with streaking but you have to be careful to spread the glitter out. Because it's so dense, it nearly obscures the base color. But wow - it looks like I literally dipped my fingers in crushed diamonds. I did not apply a top coat because I was swatching to smooth out the surface but - Loved this! LOVE! I'm so happy I bought it! I can just hear the Crocodile Hunter in my head saying "GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS!"

It was hard catching the sparkle-iciousness of this polish. Pictures just don't do it justice. It's one of those polishes you have to stop, hold your hand up and admire every few minutes. Oh, and sorry about that fiber clinging to my middle finger. Didn't even see that little sucker till I was reviewing the pics. Whoops.

Blurry pics to show the holo

Win. Win. And did I mention Win?


  1. i just love studio m. the nail polish aisle at meijer is amazing (at lease it is at my meijer) .. i just got covered in diamonds. its a great one .. check it out if you haven`t!

  2. Haha. Funny you should mention that. I have a post with Covered in Diamonds scheduled to go up on Thursday :)


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