Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vs - China Glaze Fairy Dust/Orly Tiara and new polish storage!

I picked up Fairy Dust a few days ago and have just realized how similar it is to Orly Tiara so I thought I'd do a comparison.

This is one coat of FD and T over one coat of Wet N Wild black creme.  CG Fairy Dust is a densely packed holographic microglitter suspended in a clear base.  Tiara is a little more loosely packed and the holo glitter particles are about double the size of Fairy Dust.  Both applied well and dried fast.  Just for fun I added OPI Servin' Up Sparkle into the mix.  SUS glitter is similar in size to the Orly Tiara but more densely packed.  SUS has added a few hexagonal holo glitter pieces into the mix as well.

Pictured below, left to right are OPI Servin' Up Sparkle, Orly Tiara and China Glaze Fairy Dust.

My final verdict is..  ooh, shiny! :)

I've been looking for a way to expand my polish storage.  I wanted to build some racks like the one Amanda's father made her, but unfortunately - I do not have access to all the necessary tools.  So yesterday I picked up this small media case at Sears.  I adapted it to hold 2 rows per shelf by building tiers out of black foam core board and hot glue.   Here is the result..

The top of the unit is where my crackles/shatters and my reds and pinks live...

Purples and blues...
Oranges, corals, yellows, greens and black...

And the bottom shelf is browns, neutrals and whites
Below is part of my old storage system which I'm still having to utilize as overflow.  I moved all my metallics and multi colored glitter to this one along with my less expensive, drug store polish such as Sinful Colors and Pure Ice.

Yikes I just expanded and am already out of space!  But at least my lonely polishes that used to live in a shoebox are now seeing sunshine! :)  Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Love the comparison and love seeing the storage! I think Fairy Dust is my favourite of the sparklies :)

  2. WOW! I love both of the polishes and can't decied which i like better! Your storage is so neat and organized, I'm going to have to take some lessons:P

  3. I love the way you have your polish stored- everything out and open so you can see all the colors :-)

  4. This is a nice storage... Its definitely easier to sort through than what I have fashioned. Right now my polishes have taken over a corner unit. They fit (just barely) but the problem is I cannot see the ones in the back. I need to move them to something else

  5. I bought these same cases at Target-but don't have the 'elevators' on each shelf-what can I use for that?

  6. Sorry, I just read you used black foam and glue! Where can I get that black foam stuff?

  7. @Fingers - You can get black foamboard at places like Target, WalMart, etc.


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