Thursday, July 7, 2011

Come to Poppy! And a question for you all!

Hello! Today I have for you Come To Poppy from OPI's Nice Stems collection. Mama picked me up the mini set :)

I LOVE this color! It's a bright in your face hot pink with shimmery, frosty goodness. This applied really well -- especially for the mini bottle! I usually have so many problems with those but this was good in two coats. Hooray! And I love the name...I might have bought it just for that even if the color sucked ;)

Also -- we are playing with the watermarks on our pictures so sorry if you keep seeing new placements. We're struggling to find something that works for both of us because I do mine in Photoshop, but mom doesn't have it. What do you guys use? Do you know of any downloadable programs for both PC and Mac so our watermarks can match? Please let us know in the comments!



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