Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The Prowl

Greetings nailaholics! Today I have a random swatch for you -- Wet 'n' Wild - Night Prowl. It's one of those gorgeous polishes that was really difficult for me to photograph, so you get a billion pictures of it. Night Prowl is a black base with purple microglitter. It kind of resembles Lippmann's Bad Romance without the jumbo hex glitter. So pretty!

Look at the fogginess on my camera....ridiculous! Blame this:
Sweltering! And it's only supposed to get worse all week....poooo.

Lucky for you... I just made myself a sweet light box so I can take pictures inside now! It should be very helpful because since I don't have a job, I'm a night owl and do a lot of manis around midnight when I get bored. I want to take pics of them when I'm doing them, but it's usually so dark and I have crappy lighting. Yay for light boxes! Lookie lookie!

I'm still playing around with the lighting a little bit -- I can take pictures of my hands in the box, but I can't get good ones of bottles just sitting in the box. Maybe it's because I"m not sure how to light things -- for these pictures I had the light above the box.

Do you guys have light boxes? Do you have any tips/suggestions for me?


  1. OK, I know 93 is HOT and I would not be happy with 93... but can I split the difference with you? It is 63 and RAINY here in the great Pacific Northwest :(

  2. Ahhh, the weather!! Great polish though :)

  3. I want this polish so bad!! haha gorgeous color!!

  4. Holy ....! Where in the world do you live since it's so warm that your camera is fogging? The polish is gorg by the way, been thinking about buying it myselft

  5. @Sosa07ac - We live in central Indiana. This was yesterday -- today it is 96 with a 111 heat index. Miserable. And my car AC is broken and the shop wants $700 to fix it! AHHH!

  6. You have no AC in your car with that kinda weather? INSANE!! Yeah, our weather sucks here in Washington, we haven't had any summer weather!

    Anyways, this polish is gorgous! I've picked it up quite a few times, just to put it back down again. I might have to pick it up now!

  7. Let's find a happy medium between Washington and Midwest heat...hehe

  8. How did you make your lightbox? I've been thinking about making one myself because I also do a lot of nails at night! thanks!


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