Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and Blogs of Note

I've been hearing a lot lately about Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat so I picked up a bottle for myself and a bottle for Amanda.

On the first usage, I didn't think this product was as good as Seche Vite. The product is thinner than the SV version and I wasn't sure I liked the brush.  It lacked the thick glassy, glossy shine I'm used to with SV.  A rather lackluster first impression. 

But.. first impressions can often be wrong...

I've used it several times since then and.. well.. I think my opinion is beginning to change!   I'm liking this product more and more.  I used it over my konading yesterday and had no streaks or smears.  I think the fact that this product is thinner is the key - you aren't dragging the product over partially wet stamping and smearing your design.

I still like the thick glassy look that SV provides, but I've decided this product is an acceptable alternative (with a smaller price tag) and I see myself gravitating to this top coat more and more.

Also I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a couple blogs that I feel are noteworthy and producing exceptional work.  Both of these ladies have nice clean manicures with beautiful original designs and they are my favorite up and coming blogs.  Check out Vanessa at and Lyndsey at !


  1. Thanks for sharing about this top coat! I have been looking for a shiny top coat that dries quick and I think this will be perfect! Thank you again!(:

  2. This is what I'm using right now. I really like it! For a thicker top coat, try Sally Hansen Mega Shine. I hear its a lot like SV. I was using it and loved it! Bit trickier to use since it's thick but very glossy. I just decided to try the Revlon one next since I heard good things and it costs less. :)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Melissa :-)

  4. I'm new to the nailblogging world and recently have become obsessed with painting my nails! I use your blog for a lot of suggestions, I absolutely love it! I do have a question about Seche Vite. I LOVE it so so so so so much, butI notice that every time I use it, the next day, my polish wants to peel off, almost like the 90s pull-and-peel polish (I miss that stuff!!). It peels off in large pieces, very cleanly. I originally thought it was the brand of polish, but it's happened with a handful of brands and the only thing in common with the manicures was Seche Vite. Do you know anything about/have you experienced this?

    Also, can you recommend a decent base coat? Not finding ones that don't make the polish streak awfully!

  5. Stace - I have actually heard of polish peeling before. Are you using thin or thick coats of polish and how many coats? I would start by making sure your nails are free of oil before you polish with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol, then apply a good base coat. We like OPI Nail Envy and Sally Hansen Total Care (they are a bit expensive but worth it in my opinion. There are other good base coats out there like Orly Bonder and China Glaze Strong Adhesion. Use thin coats of polish and let them dry completely between coats. Also you might try switching to a different brand of top coat to see if it helps.


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