Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OPI Play the Peonies funky french

I had such high hopes for this mani.  Instead of just showing swatches from the OPI Nice Stems collection I was going to do this fabulous funky french tip using 3 of the colors - Play the Peonies, Be a Dahlia, Won't You? and I Lily Love You.  We've all seen the swatches a hundred times, right?

Well things didn't go quite as planned.  My first attempt at Play the Peonies was a failure, I got a few bubbles in my mani.  (That NEVER happens to me with OPI - I think it might have been a combination of the humidity and the heat from the light I was working under)  So I removed it and tried it again and the second time I had better luck...

Play the Peonies is a pale, soft pink shimmer.  My coworker referred to it as a 'champagne pink' and I think that describes it pretty well.  Very very delicate looking.

Then I taped off the mani and added french tips with Be a Dahlia, Won't You, topped with I Lily Love You.  The base of ILLY seems to be very rubbery and when I tried to remove the tape I ended up taking off half of ILLY with it.  So I had to go back and touch it up.  Also because I was doing a french tip and needed the glitter and flakies application confined to a small area, I had to resort to kinda touching ILLY on instead of stroking to get the glitter and flakies to go where I wanted them.  That equals bumps and lumps. 

Look at my lines.  Horrible.   I only included this pic because it shows the color of Be A Dahlia, Won't You? well.  I'm almost embarassed to post it.

Pretty from a distance but overall a disappointment to me.  I'll likely remove it tonight and do something else.  Le Sigh.


  1. That's really pretty. I'm excited to layer I Lily Love You over Play the Peonies! I like how it alters the color of it.


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