Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Strawberries

I want to do a series of summer nail designs. I'm starting with this one that I'm going to call Summer Strawberries. I started with 2-3 coats of Essie French Affair. I love this color, but the formula kind of sucks on it in my opinion. I drew the little strawberries and the .... roots? stems? with a tiny nail brush and acrylic paints, and finally I made the dots for the seeds with a teeny tiny dotting tool. The glitter on the middle finger is Wet 'n' Wild Sparked.

Acrylic paints work MUCH better for me when I do nail art than polish does. I always have this problem where I can't get enough polish on the brush and it doesn't spread and move where I want it to move and it takes about a bazillion coats, so my method is to use acrylic paints. But you could very well use polishes too if that's what you prefer. I need to practice with using nail brushes, I know, but I still think these are kinda cute :)

Also, my cuticles are a mess... sorry :( That Milani Purple Gleam polish from my last post may have been pretty, but it sure was hell to take off, even WITH the foil method. Plus I had all those little glitter herpes all over my fingers after...Hmph.

Hope you all have a great day,


  1. These sre so cute and yummy :-)

  2. This could not be cuter! Strawberries are a perfect theme for a summertime manicure

  3. This is just too adorable! I'm in love with fruit manis for the summer and can't wait to start doing some.


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