Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sinful Unicorn Errr.. Giraffe

Oh yellow nail polish!  You are so lovely and summery yet so temperamental and streaky!  I want to love you, but you do not return my affection.

I started with...  get ready for it...  4 coats of Sinful Colors Unicorn.  I knew I was going to need multiple coats so I waited till I could really take my time with the application.  Unicorn is patchy and streaky - pretty typical for most yellow polishes.  If you're planning on using Unicorn, be prepared to invest some time into it as it's going to take multiple coats to become opaque.  Even after 4 coats I still had some dragging and patchiness.  The pics make me look like I have lobster hands.  My camera was doing some funky color correct as it focused - my hands are not red as the pics make them look.

There is a BM plate that is a giraffe pattern, but I measured it and discovered that it's so small it only fits my pinky fingers.  So I knew I was going to have to free hand this design.  I decided to go with an acrylic paint for the giraffe spots because I knew it was going to be tedious work and I wanted something that would cover completely and dry fast.  Plus, I didn't have any dark brown polish.  I just made little random geometric shapes with a small nail brush and brown acrylic paint.  Sorry for the pic spam!


  1. Thats ADORABLE! so cute! How do you get your nails at the lenght? They look very healthy, any tips?Check me out:

  2. So cute!! Love the giraffe print! Super adorable!

  3. This yellow may have been a pain to apply but it sure looks pretty! The giraffe pattern looks really good as well. We see many other animal prints but not giraffe a lot :-)

  4. OMG i had the same issue with SC unicorn. I was so dissapointed. i ended up redoing my nails in a completely different color.


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