Monday, June 27, 2011

A note of thanks

Amanda and I want to publicly thank Kayla at Beauty by Kayla Shevonne for naming us June's featured blog.  We are both very honored and humbled that she spotlighted us, as we both think her work is truly outstanding and have been followers of hers for quite some time.  Most of the credit should go to my beautiful daughter, Amanda, for her hard work and dedication to our blog.

If you haven't checked out Kayla's blog then click on the link <<< and go see what fabulous work she does.


  1. :D I've just found your blog through Kayla's... and I immediately became a follower! I've already spotted some manis I will HAVE to try to replicate! :)

  2. You're very welcome ladies! You totally deserve it and I'm glad I could offer a little help. :) Keep up the awesome work.

    And by the way, like I said in my post, I'm DEFINITELY trying that dandelion mani that you posted! Hopefully I'll be able to do even half as good a job!


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