Friday, June 10, 2011

Nail Foil Diva Nails

I recently picked up an assortment of nail foil from Dollar Nail Art and Amanda and I decided to give a new technique a try.   This is the finished manicure.  It sort of resembles a Minx manicure.

 Don't they look lovely?  I am loving this look.  Here's how we did it..

You'll need nail foil, nail glue and an orange stick (or something to smooth the foil down with).  Cut your foil into the appropriate number of pieces for your design.  Apply base coat to your nail and let dry thoroughly.  You may want to polish your nails with a color matching your foil to hide any tiny imperfections.  Note:  you MUST have some sort of base coat on your nails or the foil will not adhere.

Apply a thin even coat of the foil glue to the surface of the nail.  The glue will go on milky and dry to a clear finish. 

Once the glue is dry you can begin to apply the strip to the nail.

Lightly smooth the foil onto your nail starting at the cuticle and working down toward the tip.  (Sorry for the blurry pics - didn't notice till we were done.)

After you've smoothed the foil down with your finger, take your orange stick and lightly press the foil down over the entire nail bed.

Gently lift off the foil and VOILA!  foiled nails!  Apply a thin coat of a non fast drying top coat to the nail (we used Orly Glosser).  The foil will wrinkle up a bit when wet but then smooth back out when dry.  You may want to add a second coat of top coat to protect the finish after the first is thoroughly dry as this product dings easily.


  1. cool. So it just transfers from rubbing down?

  2. Yep. You just press it on your nail and make sure to rub your whole nail to make sure it transfers. We used an orange stick to get into the corners and tips of the nails

  3. Oooo. Hella nice. :) <3

  4. Well done! :D Came out beautiful!!! :)


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