Friday, June 24, 2011

An oldie but a goodie

Hello! I have something unusual for ME today... it's just a swatch of a China Glaze I own. But it's special because it's the VERY FIRST China Glaze I ever got a few years ago! Ahh, memories. It's none other than... Purple Panic! And it's glorious and wonderful and I forgot how much I loved this until I put it on today. It's a neon so it dried matte, but application was actually pretty easy for a neon. I love that they dry fast :)

My camera freaked out at the neon-ness of it... le sigh. Why are neons so notoriously hard to capture? It's purple-r than this picture, but if you have this beauty I'm sure you know what it looks like :) My Photoshop skills are still at the noob level or else I would've tried to make the color more accurate...which probably would've messed up my skin tone, but whatever :)

Look how worn the bottle is! The writing has almost all been worn off... I'm gonna need a new bottle of this soon!
I don't know if I can stand to put anything over the top of this beauty! I just keep looking at my nails...they're so bright and purple and shiny and glossy... but I'm sure when I get bored I'll try to salvage this pretty color by adding something to it :)

Seriously though, whenever I look at this one I just get all happy. There's only a select few colors that make me do that! Haha



  1. Mmm this is a gorgeous color! It's looks amazing on you. :)

  2. This is such a pretty color! It looks similar to SinfulColors- dream on:)

  3. pink is really girlie! hehe i love it! really great mani for summer. :) by the way im a new follower. :) i enjoy reading your blog, :)

    visit my blog :)

  4. Oh, love this polish! It looks gorgeous!


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