Friday, September 30, 2011

OPI - Zom-body To Love

Hello ladies! Today I want to show you a super fun polish for Halloween -- OPI's Zom-body To Love! If you don't know what it is (which I'm sure you do), it's a glow in the dark polish!

This is what it looks like in the light. This is three coats of ZTL over one coat of Orly Pure Porcelain. The polish is super sheer on its own, so I'd definitely suggest layering it.

I originally only had this on one hand because I was just planning on swatching it. But after I took pictures of it in the dark, I HAD to make a full mani out of it!!

PS: It's very difficult to photograph glow in the dark things. I had to adjust so many settings on my camera to even get anything to show up, THEN I had to edit a bit in Photoshop! *wipes brow* PHEW!

It actually glows pretty brightly (? is that a word?) in the dark. I'm not sure if it's just uber powerful glowiness or if it's because I put on three coats of it, but either way, I'm pleased! On the second day I added a little bat silhouette before I took it off... just a little something extra to spruce it up :)

One thing worth noting -- this polish was a bit difficult for me to remove using normal measures. I try to avoid pure acetone if I can help it because it dries my cuticles out like none other. I usually use strengthening polish remover, and I had to really SCRUB to get this off. Maybe it's bad remover, but I think it's because this polish has a bit of a weird, gritty kind of texture. Probably from the glowy particles. :)

I wasn't expecting too much out of this because I thought it would just be a silly little novelty, but I'm pleasantly surprised! I was like a little kid in a candy shop. You would've laughed -- I was laying in bed Wednesday night just staring at my hands and wiggling my fingers because I was so amused by it. Definitely fun for Halloween.

Do you all have any glow in the dark polishes? What do you think? Halloween appropriate?


  1. ooh glow in the dark polish, crazy! perfect for halloween

  2. I can just imagine me not getting any sleep because I was staring at my glow in the dark nails! I don't have this-but the idea is cool!

  3. wow! I like it! It looks so cool in the dark :D

  4. i love it, i gotta have one of these *.*

  5. This is actually quite awesome! I wasn't expecting much from it either, but clearly I was wrong! I used to have a glow in the dark polishes AGES ago (when I was like 8 years old) that was a wet n wild one and it ended up drying up beyond repair. :-(

  6. I own this one to! But I can't manage to get a picture of it. Haha, I did the exact same thing as you, lying in bed looking at my fingers!

  7. I can't believe I own this and haven't used it yet. What is wrong with me?

    Nice touch with the bat, very cute.

  8. Very nice I think I may get it Im sure my daugther is going to like it as well.

  9. Look how awesome that polish is! I can't wait to use mine!


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