Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unnamed Eggplant Prettiness

GAHHH!! I hate when polishes don't have names on them. It irks me because I can't google it and see what it looks like on other people and what they think of it!!

This one came in a 4-pack of Funky Finger minis that Mama picked up while she was in Boston a couple weeks ago. The set comes with three different shades of purple and a purple microglitter.

I was anxious to try out this eggplant color. 1) because I swatched it on my wheels and loved it and; 2) because I have nothing else like this in my collection!!

This is a dark, dark, (almost black) purple cream. Application on this was wonderful -- the first coat was a little streaky and uneven, but the color was opaque after a second coat.

I chopped all my nails off. I like them shorter (they don't break as often!) and I think vampy shades like this one look so much better on me when I have nubbins.

I'm so sad that this is a mini bottle because I feel like this will be a popular color with me for fall/winter! If I remember correctly there was a purple vampy color in China Glaze's Metro collection that just came out. I haven't gotten any of those -- might have to pick some up soon!

So I ask you this, does anyone know of any dupes for this that I would have access to? If so, please leave them below in the comments!!


  1. Wow, what a great color! And I think your nails look great that length. :)

  2. Try china glaze urban night, Zoya Anja, Essie velvet voyeur might be close!

  3. That color looks like it could be close to Revlon's Plum Night actually.

  4. Wow, this is such a gorgeous color! Shame it doesn't have a name, I adore dark purples like this!

  5. Revlon’s Plum Night is quite pretty and similar. I like it with a black underneath it, but for what you’re looking for, it might work.
    (I just saw the other comment mentioning it, haha.)

  6. This is a really nice vampy colour. I like your shorter nails as well :)

  7. I think Diamond Cosmetics Plum Pie In The Sky may be a dupe!! Wonderful color!

  8. I love this color! OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and Have You seen my limo- are similar.


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