Thursday, September 22, 2011

City Silhouette Nails featuring China Glaze - Skyscraper

Hello all! I got some of these new Metro colors last week and have been playing around with them.

Skyscraper is a beautiful blue glitter... I'm sorry I didn't get any swatches of it for you by itself!

This mani was inspired by the name of the polish.. I thought it could be cute to do a mani that looks like a city skyline. I had to do a silhouette because I don't have the necessary talent to do a full detailed city 'scape. :)

I just used regular old black acrylic paint and a little paintbrush to do the silhouette. Overall I think it turned out well, but it is a little hard to see it against the dark blue glitter background. If I do this again I'd probably do it with more of a sunset background so the black would pop more.

That's all for today, you ladies have a wonderful day! :)


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