Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Shiny Penny

I'm a huge Sally Hansen CSM fan.  They are some of my favorite drug store polishes.  And I've never had a bad polish.

Until now.

Shiny Penny was the one and only polish I picked up from the fall limited edition.  The color name is pretty much spot on.  It does look like a shiny new penny and dries to a shimmery - almost foil-y finish.

The formula was very difficult to work with.  My bottle was thin.  I had issues with cuticle flooding.  I had issues with terrible streaking and brush strokes.  And I had trouble with bubbling the first time I swatched it because the dry time seems to be longer than average.  I had such high hopes for this one, but am left pretty disappointed with the quality. 

I love SH polishes and hope that I just got a bad bottle.  The color is pretty anyway.  Right?


  1. I don't ever buy drugstore brands-so not sure if it's a bad bottle or not-but if youve never had a problem-thats most likely in my mind. The color is pretty!

  2. This color is pretty, but I do hate when I get a bad bottle. It makes me so angry!

  3. Bummer that it was so bad because the color is very pretty.

  4. My heart actually fluttered a little bit with this color... and then dropped when I read the application/formulation issue part. :-( The addict in me still wants it, though! (Hi, My name is Lyndsay and I have a SEVERE polish addiction!)

  5. It is such a pretty color. The perfect color for the Fall! It is a shame the polish sucked!


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