Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're Live Again! Malware Warning is Gone :)

Just a heads up :)

So for those of you wondering - what happened?   Basically a site on our blogroll was hacked with malicious content; and because we had a link to that site on our blog, Google flagged our blog as potentially dangerous.  The owner of the site that was hacked had no idea she was hacked and is currently working on repairing her site.  So if you happened to click on a link to Kiss My Acetone in the last few days you may want to run a virus and malware scan.  Hopefully Dori can fix her site and get it up and running again soon so we can enjoy her manis too - please send a lot of good vibes out there to her.  Dori - we love ya!

Unfortunately, we had to delete our entire blogroll to get our clean bill of health back as well as all the java scripts we had in our sidebar.

So we'd like to put a request out there that if your site was on our blogroll please email us at mad.manis@yahoo(dot)com with your URL so we can rebuild it.  (I've modified the email addy there to prevent us getting innundated with spam).

Oh, and - hackers suck.


  1. Yes, hackers do suck!!! I had to delete my blogroll as well. I hope the problem is completely resolved soon.

  2. Oie. I can only imagine how painful that was. That would be like my having to throw away all of my nail polish to because of lice or something. (THE HORROR. THE ABSOLUTE HORROR.)


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