Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nautical Nails

Hello ladies!

I've wanted to do nautical nails for a long time, and when I had some free time on Sunday I sat down to do them!

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud on my pinky, middle, and pointer fingers, and a base of China Glaze First Mate (how appropriate!) on my thumb and ring fingers. I put a coat of China Glaze Skyscraper on the ring fingers for a little BLING! I love Skyscraper and I think it works perfectly with this color scheme!

I freehanded the anchors with a small paintbrush and white acrylic paint and made the stripes with tinyyyy pieces of scotch tape (more on that below). Painted over the tape with First Mate and made little gold buttons with China Glaze Midnight Kiss!

The major difficulty I had with these was getting the nautical stripes to be the same width. It took me a while to cut the strips of tape and they all were varying widths. And I had some leaking under the tape, but I think I managed to paint over it pretty well! They could be a little crisper but I do still like it.

That's all for today, hope you guys have a great day!


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