Monday, June 11, 2012

Rolling in the deep

Today's post is mermaid nails!

While at Ulta this week I picked up the lovely Zoya Charla and wanted to do some sort of nail art with it.  Since the color (aquamarine shimmer with flashes of green and gold) reminded me of a mermaid's tail I decided to go with a mermaid theme.

This is actually 3 coats of Charla.  I could have done 2 but due to some user error, I needed a third to even things out.  :)  I let it dry thoroughly then stamped over it with Konad Blue and Red Angel plate RA-111 in the fish scale pattern.

It came out a little more subtle than I expected, but I really like it!  When the sunlight hits Charla she really shines like POW! look at me!  The pictures lean a little more blue than Charla does in real life, but alas - I am heading out the door for work and no time to color correct them..

And here's the lovely Charla on her own.  She actually has a little more green and gold sheen than the picture represents.  It just doesn't capture how beautiful this polish is.

Have a great week everyone!


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