Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magnetix magnetic polishes

Look what I spotted in Rite-Aid today.    A display of new magnetic nail polishes.  I snapped a pic quickly before a sales associate could see me ;-)

There looks to be about 6 colors in the collection.  I already had similar colors from Icing so I bypassed all but these two.  I can't seem to find names on them, but they are a toffee color and a light plum color.  They come with 2 magnets, which I'm a little lukewarm on.  It looks pretty flimsy and not very user friendly.  Look for swatches coming up next week!



  1. I have an I love your blog award at

  2. I'm so bewildered that there is China Glaze at Rite Aid! Awesome!

    1. Sadly it is not CG just some drugstore no name brand. But hopefully they will work well!


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