Monday, January 23, 2012

Icing glitters - part 1

Before Christmas, I found these glitter polishes at Icing and they were so unique I went ahead and picked them up.  It's taken me this long to get them swatched for you.  I bought 4 and am going to be dividing the swatches up into 2 posts.

Today I have Disco Ball and Party Confetti

Sally Hansen Green Tea and Disco Ball -   I would describe Green Tea as a dusky light green color.  Like a mint but with a more greyish cast to it.  I had high hopes for Green Tea, but sadly - I did have some application issues with it.  My bottle was very thin and watery, so I had to be mindful of how much polish I loaded on my brush.  Also, as I suspected, the first coat was very streaky - which mostly evened out on the second coat.  I did have one nail that required three coats because even with 2, I didn't get opaque coverage.  I do however, love Sally Hansen's brush.  It is just perfect for the shape of my nails and the tapered or rounded end gives me a cleaner cuticle line.

I've layered Icing Disco Ball over Green Tea in these photos.  Disco Ball appears to be a clear base with small and large hex blue glitter particles.  As you can see in the photos though, the base color has now taken on a decidedly blue tint so the base must have just a hint of blue in it.  As with many glitter polishes, the base on these was very thick and goopy, making it difficult for uniform coverage with the glitter.  You may have to resort to placing the large hex glitters individually (like I did) with an orange stick or toothpick.

And here is Green Tea all by itself

Orly Purple Crush and Party Confetti - I think I made a poor choice on the base color with this one.  As Purple Crush is a neon (and cameras tend to freak out at trying to photograph neons), the pictures lost a lot of the depth that this color combination really had.  You can find Purple Crush swatched under the Orly tag elsewhere on our blog.  Party Confetti is a clear base with small and large fuschia hex glitter and a sprinkling of large purple hex glitter.  Again - same problem with application - it's difficult to get the glitter to spread evenly and some of the larger hex glitters have to be coaxed from the bottle with an orange stick.

In conclusion here is my unofficial review of these Icing glitters -


Unique color combinations; if you are a glitter nail polish fan you will like these
Price (I paid $4.50 per bottle)


Application (difficult to get large glitters out of bottle)
Cleanup - I had glitter everywhere when trying to remove these

Watch for part 2 later in the weekend with the remaining Icing glitter polishes!

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  1. These look very Lynderella to me, especially the last one!


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