Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zoya - Kelly

I finally got my last Zoya polish from their promotion. I got my first two like a week after I ordered, but as Kelly is such a popular color, it was backordered so I didn't get it by the time I went back to school. Well, I came home today and got it! Yay! Here is two coats of Zoya Kelly...

I really like this color. I like neutrals like this because I feel like they're pretty universally flattering on people. So glad I finally have this one in my collection :)

I actually tried water marbling with this and Revlon's Cloud, but it did NOT work at all. I have the worst luck water marbling. I don't know if it wasn't dry enough or if I used bad polishes or what. The Zoya one just kinda sat there in a blob, didn't really that could've been my problem. I tried water marbling once over the summer and it worked alright, but that's when I was first starting out with nails and polish. I wanted to see if I could do it better this time, but alas...I failed :(

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  1. Some polishes just don't work with marbling. I really want Kelly, though. Been dying to get her.


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