Monday, February 14, 2011

Sinful - 24/7

Hi! I wanted to do a pink manicure for Valentine's Day, but I'm not much of a pink polish person, which meant that I had very few pink shades to choose from. I decided to go with 24/7 by Sinful, but after painting my nails, I realized it was really just TOO obnoxiously bright for a Valentine's Day manicure. I really like the color, but this, again, was a bitch to apply. I guess that's what you'd expect for neons, but seriously. This is like, 4-5 coats of this damn streaky color. It was pretty though!

Then I decided to Konad it since my vision of a Valentine's Day manicure went down the drain. I used the BM plate with the dots on it. I'm either terrible at Konad, or the dot pattern is hard to use, because I could NOT for the life of me get a nail stamped where every single dot stamped perfectly. Oh well. It was cute. Sorry for the terrible picture -- I took this when I got home Saturday night at like 9pm. The only time I get remotely ANY natural light is when I'm done with class for the day, which is about a two to three hour window of time. Ah well.

I actually went to a party at my boyfriend's house that night. They had a black light on in the basement, and my nails were glowing like crazy! Didn't even think about the neon glowing in the black light until after I got to the party and people pointed it out to me. I think they all thought it was pretty neat though! ;)

Any fun Valentine's Day plans? We're going to a nice dinner and I'm getting all dolled up. :)

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