Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revlon - Cloud

Today I have for you Revlon's Cloud, a really pretty light purple color. I really do LOVE this color, but the application on this polish was terrible and I know it wasn't just a personal thing as I have read other reviews on this that said there were problems too. The polish is just so thick and streaky that it's hard to work with. I also had a lot of tip shrinkage (that phrase always makes me lol) which you can kind of see in these pics, and they were taken not even a day later.

Other than that, this color is beautiful and I think it really complements my skin tone.

So, that's that. I also wanna show this just because I think it's funny. I'm sure you guys have all seen it, but it's the eos lip balm. I think $3 is actually a little steep for lip balm seeing as I usually stick to my Carmex, which is like 99 cents for 3 tubes... but this is unique and kind of a novelty for me. I got the one in Summer Fruit. My mom and the boyfriend both said it looks obscene... hahah I kind of agree ;)

Anybody got any fun weekend plans? :)


  1. The polish looks gorgeous! I love these softer shades of purple <3. Cute lip balm too, haha :).

  2. I do too! I've always been a pastel kind of girl :)


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