Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Woman taupe magnetix

My nails are back to nubs.  I had a little bit of splitting and broke the corner off a nail so I decided to just shorten all of them.  One good thing about having shorter nails is stamping plates and magnetic poilshes work better on this length.

I bought this polish a couple months ago and wasn't sure if I liked the color.  It's not really something I'd normally wear but after I got it on I decided I liked it a little more than I expected.

The polish is a creamy taupe in the bottle, but after its magnetized it takes on a chocolate color for the stripes.  I applied 2 coats and the formula was good.  I didn't really care for the brush - it's way too short and quite uncomfortable to hold.  It comes with 2 separate magnets (one wavy and one straight) embedded in a silicone holder with finger cut outs.  I didn't really like the magnets either, so I ended up using the magnet from my Icing magnetic polishes.  Wear is average, I had some tiny chips and tip wear on day 2.

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