Friday, March 16, 2012

BH cosmetics review

I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable person.  I understand that there are things beyond a company's control, especially in regard to supply and demand.  But I have to share my disappointment with my recent order from BH cosmetics.

I ordered 4 items on 2/24/12.  I got a timely email confirmation of my order and a day later, a shipping confirmation.  I was so excited to get my products, because I've heard so much about their quality and great customer service.

So imagine my surprise when my coveted package arrives on 3/1/12 and I open it to find it 2 items short along with a "sorry your item is out of stock" note.  A note?  Really?  You couldn't have informed me when I placed the order that 2 of the items I ordered were out of stock ?  Or when you confirmed that "my order was shipped" - you couldn't notify me then?  I have to find out a week and a half later when I open the package and realize half of it is missing?  Where I was previously eager to try my products, now I was just... mad.  And it's not even because 2 of my items are backordered.  I understand that things like that happen.  It's because they made no effort to inform me prior to shipping.  I feel like I was misled.

Am I unreasonable in thinking that I should have been notified IN WRITING when I placed my order that half of it was backordered and given the option at that time to wait for a new supply or cancel my order?  That's just good customer service.  To be honest - I feel as if BH Cosmetics couldn't be bothered and simply didn't care that they inconvenienced me.

I tweeted them my displeasure - and got the same regurgitated  "sorry for your inconvenience, we'll ship your items soon" dismissal.  I sent an email via their "contact us" link on the website and got no response.. no response... no response...  FINALLY I checked my spam folder and saw that my email had bounced as being undeliverable March 8.  The email was sent March 1 VIA THEIR WEBSITE!

Fast forward to a week later.  I received a package via USPS - no indication that such package had ever shipped, no tracking number, etc. Just SURPRISE! the rest of your shipment is here!   I opened the package to find ONE of the two items that were backordered (I ordered 2 of the same item).  Color me very displeased at this point.  I called to inform them of the mistake and got a recording that customer service hours were 10am-5pm PST.  So you're telling me I have no way to contact you till 1:00 PM eastern?  RIDICULOUS! I did finally manage to find an email address on the website for support which - in their defense - was promptly and politely responded to and I was assured the 2nd palette would be going out in that day's mail.  It was at this point that I actually OPENED the palette to find that one of the shadows was busted.  Sure, it was only one out of 120, I could just fix it.  But at this point it was more the principle of the matter of keeping me waiting then the product arriving broken.

I contacted them again.  Again they apologized and said they would get a replacement palette out in the mail.  And I did get a tracking number for this third shipment.  Three days later the new shipment arrives.  And there are 2 busted shadows in one of them and one in the other.  (sigh)  At this point I'm just tired of screwing with it.  I'm not even blaming BH cosmetics for the broken shadows.  They were packed very securely and I'm sure it's hard to send something like that through the mail to have it arrive completely intact.
What is my overall experience with BH cosmetics?

Order fulfillment and shipping - F   I expected them to acknowledge that yes - I should have been notified of the status of my backordered items PRIOR to receiving the first shipment.  I expected - AT THE LEAST - to be informed when the second backordered package had shipped. I expected my 2nd shipment to be complete.  Three broken palettes that might have been broken prior to shipping and might have been damaged in shipping - I just don't know the answer to that one.

Customer service - C   I expected to be able to reach someone at the company by telephone during usual and customary business hours.  I was able to reach them via email and they were pleasant enough when I finally did get in touch with them.

Quality of product - B-   I have tried a few of the colors and find that it's hit or miss on the pigmentation.  Some  have really great color payoff - others you have to really pack the color on to be able to see it.  And the wear isn't very good.  Even with a primer I had to reapply the color to retain the level of intensity a couple times throughout the day.  But what do you expect for $20?  Overall I'm pleased with the product.

Color selection - A   No brainer here.  Every color you could ever want or need in this palette except neutrals and those are available in a separate palette.

I would say overall my experience would rate a C with this company.  And because of the bad experience I had with them, I doubt I will be purchasing from them again.  

And that makes me sad.


  1. Woahhhhhz. A C for that kind of service. Id say thats very nice of you! (=

  2. I'm thinking of buying a lot of things from them...I'm not too concerned about the shipping and customer service. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with them.

    anyway, i'm more interested in the quality of their products. any other thoughts? i plan to buy their eyeshadow colour palettes, brushes, liquid foundations & whatever else i find yum-looking.

    please share whatever other thoughts you may have on the quality. :)


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